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The count returns with the countess. Enraged, he wants to kill the page, but then Susanna emerges from the closet.

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The countess is just as surprised as the count, but she pretends that she had planed all of this with Susanna in order to test her husband. The count accuses them of cruelty; however, he apologizes and wishes to make peace. Then Figaro rushes in, who knows nothing about what has happened and thus will admit nothing.

The situation comes to a head when the gardener Antonio comes in and reports that a man has jumped from the balcony into the garden.

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Figaro now claims that he himself jumped. When Antonio takes out the piece of paper that he found under the balcony, the count wants to know what exactly Figaro had lost when he jumped. When, on top of this, Marcellina, Bartolo and Basilio burst in in order to assert their claim against Figaro in court, all order seems to be dissolved. Susanna promises to meet the count for an evening rendezvous in the garden, to which this time the countess herself, disguised as Susanna, is to appear. However, the count overhears how Susanna lets Figaro in on the plan. He swears revenge and will use the pending judgement of Don Curzio in the case of Marcellina as an opportunity.

They now have nothing against his marriage to Susanna and even decide to make it a double wedding.

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The count is in an inner rage and searches for further means to delay the ceremony. The countess is resolved to stay with her plan. This time she dictates to Susanna a written invitation to the count and seals it with a pin, which he is to return as a sign of his acceptance.

Barbarina brings the countess flowers, together with a few young girls and Cherubino in disguise. The count bursts in with Antonio, recognizes the page and is about to punish him for his disobedience, but Barbarina manages to protect him. She asks the count to grant her the wish he promised her in return for her being perpetually available: she requests Cherubino as her husband. He can no longer hinder the marriage of Figaro. During the ceremony, Susanna secretly slips the letter to him.

In the happy anticipation of his tryst with the bride, the count invites everyone to a lavish celebrat-ion. Act 4 Barbarina has lost the pin that the count gave her, instructing her to return it to Susanna as a sign of his willingness.

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Figaro gives her a different pin, and thus learns about the presumed infidelity of his bride. Believing to be betrayed by Susanna on his wedding day, he now will spy her out.

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In the garden, Susanna invokes the enchantment of love and exchanges clothes with the countess. The count chases him away in order to make his own erotic offers to the presumed Susanna. All of this happens under the eyes of Figaro, who then approaches the supposed countess. However, he recognizes the voice of his disguised wife and thus her intention to trick him as a punishment for his suspicions. He makes advances to her as the countess.

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Now Susanna believes herself to be betrayed and starts beating him until Figaro clarifies the double deception to her. They make up and continue their amorous play in front of the count, who angrily calls the entire company together. In spite of their collective pleading, he resolves to show no mercy.

The Cameraman’s Revenge

He realizes his injustice only when his wife lets her disguise fall. He asks for forgiveness. Recommended Posts. Posted December 7, Wolfgang complete with ridiculous British voice-over takes over from Wilson. Hussain - manuscript. Nietzsche, the Kantian Self, and Eternal Recurrence. Robert E.


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    Wolfgangs Revenge

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