The Running Girl (Kaunovalta Book 1)

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His mixed parentage — his mother, she learns, was an exiled elf, and his father a human — makes him a mongrel in the eyes of her people. Despite that fact — or perhaps because if it — Ally finds him oddly compelling. Fearing pursuit and unable to comprehend why she has not yet been apprehended, Ally leaves her new companions behind and carries on to the north. When her new friends discover her destination, they invite Ally to join them, and she does so — a magnanimous gesture, as all three dwarves are old enough to remember the attack on the Deeprealm sixty years ago by the Spellweaver.

The sorcerer-king of the dark elves, a master of the arts of undeath, killed thousands of dwarves and wrecked the royal city of Thrymsheen before being beaten in personal combat by a company of adventurers that included the legendary warrior Farulf Ironfist; an elven mage called Ven Porwenna; and Darhaxin Deephammer, now the Arch-Priest of the Deeprealm. Frideswide, Wynstan and Uchtred all recall those dark days, and the heroes that delivered Dweorgaheim from the grip of the invader. When they enter the Deeprealm at the city of Eastgate, Ally begins to realize that all of her preconceptions about the dwarves and their kingdom have been grossly mistaken.

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  8. Ally cannot help but begin to question some of the other things she thought she knew. After this staggering introduction to the world beneath the mountains, Ally, accompanied by her new friends, travels from Eastgate to Stonewisdom. Unsure of what to do, but certain in her trust for her newfound friends, she reveals the Cup to Frida, and tells the priestess that she wants to give it back to her masters, the Dwarven clergy — not only to throw any potential pursuers off her trail, but also in gratitude for the kindness they have shown her.

    This could be a challenge as, according to rumour, the great gate of Underdarrow has been shut ostensibly by Deephammer himself and no one, not the Spellweaver or even the god Lagu himself, has ever able to open the Underdarrow Gate uninvited. Ally spends a great deal of time coming to grips not only with the nature of life in the Deeprealm, but also with the sophistication of the dwarves and their hospitality and overt friendliness — all of which are a far cry from the politics, petty intrigue and easy virtue of the High Court of the elves.

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    The luxury suite occupied the entire coach, which, unlike its fellows, was outfitted not only with carpets, exquisite wall-hangings, gleaming chandeliers and furniture that verged on the artistic, but also boasted a variety of clever devices designed to damp sound and motion. She had noticed the characteristic jerking when the caravan got under way; but once it was up to speed, she was almost unable to tell that they were inside a moving vehicle.

    The rush of water was all but imperceptible, and the intermittent shuddering that she had noticed during the voyage from Midpoint to Stonewisdom had entirely disappeared. She made the mistake of asking Uchtred to explain how the jolting, rocking movement of the coach was counteracted. After five minutes of perplexing technical and entirely one-sided discussion, her eyes had glazed over.

    The engineer had patted her sympathetically on the knee, informing her that he could recommend a good artisan who could teach her the underlying principles in a few years.

    The Running Girl (Kaunovalta Book 1) The Running Girl (Kaunovalta Book 1)
    The Running Girl (Kaunovalta Book 1) The Running Girl (Kaunovalta Book 1)
    The Running Girl (Kaunovalta Book 1) The Running Girl (Kaunovalta Book 1)
    The Running Girl (Kaunovalta Book 1) The Running Girl (Kaunovalta Book 1)
    The Running Girl (Kaunovalta Book 1) The Running Girl (Kaunovalta Book 1)
    The Running Girl (Kaunovalta Book 1) The Running Girl (Kaunovalta Book 1)
    The Running Girl (Kaunovalta Book 1) The Running Girl (Kaunovalta Book 1)

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