The Rise of Brand Journalism and the Imperative of the Chief Content Officer

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Cassandra Stevens, global commerce director at Zenith, says with most FMCG companies now realising that ecommerce is important to capture growth opportunities, the only way to grow is to change the way they operate.

Why Reuters Decided to Set Up a Branded Content Studio

Consumers will call brands out of they think they are driving them to a social platform just to transact. Sales teams will focus on product assortment, ecommerce-specific packaging and retailer-exclusivity. Marketing teams will be able to access data to drive more informed optimisations of their media, including sales data from their distribution partners. It will be a talent frenzy, and a very good time to be working in ecommerce. Dr Martens is one brand looking at how social platforms can be used to create their own ecosystem of marketing, social and commerce in one.

Subscription video-on-demand SVoD services like Netflix have been garnering plenty of attention as they colonise global living rooms, but competition is also starting to heat up in for online video ad spend. AVoD platforms present the opportunity for advertisers to marry rich consumer data with pinpoint targeting during engaging content.

Indeed, Amazon kick-started speculation in the summer when it posted a job ad looking for a UK-based executive to lead an ad-funded free-to-air TV offering. For brands, this means a potential explosion of new online video inventory that can host both traditional TV spots and creative tailored for the medium. According to Socialbakers, ad spend on Instagram increased in while decreasing on Facebook, driven by hard-to-rival engagement levels on the photo-sharing platform. While Instagram has a smaller audience size compared to its parent company, its users are far more engaged, suggesting that Instagram is the go-to for capturing quality engagement within smaller communities.

As just a few examples, easyJet recently made it possible for users to find and book holidays simply by clicking on a photo , while Spotify, SoundCloud and Shazam are offering their services via Stories. Expect to see more of this integration in the coming months, especially as Instagram promises to enhance its ecommerce features. Alice Cuffe, editor at We Are Social, says while no one can argue that the specialised and detailed targeting of Facebook is appealing to advertisers, when it comes to creative innovation, Instagram Stories has the edge. Functionalities such as polls, questions, emoji sliders and swipe-up links all provide an easy and immediate way to connect with your audience and allow them to react to your brand in the moment.

The temporary nature of Stories also means brands have more freedom to experiment, without necessarily requiring heavy design work or rounds of internal concepting. Podcasts have been having somewhat of a revival since true-crime podcast Serial burst on to the scene in Last year, in a claimed world-first, digital audio and voice technology company Acast began running personalised podcast ads across its global network of million monthly users and 3, podcasts.

What this looks or sounds like is combining advertiser messaging with data such as the weather, time of day, location, show name, show category or device type to create thousands of unique combinations that can be used to target listeners. Meanwhile, Global, which bought Primesight and Outdoor Plus to add to its radio brands last September, also moved into podcasts at the end of It has already experimented with linking up outdoor and radio advertising to drive campaign outcomes for brands by targeting specific locations and local offers. Using geo-fencing, it can get data on whether someone has walked past a specific store or outdoor ad and then serve them a relevant audio ad while they are listening to a podcast or the radio.

This should be exciting for advertisers. Podcasts are something that people deliberately opt-in to listen to which means they are — for the most part — more engaged than they are with the majority of other mediums. Ads in the form of a message delivered by the podcast host have proved to be an incredibly authentic way for brands to deliver a call to action. Podcasts can also be a great way of telling a story in a richer or different way to how it is told in AV.

The decline of print circulations and challenge to monetise digital advertising revenues has long been putting immense strain on UK news brands. Ad spend with national news brands will decline 9. As such, we should expect to see more publishers shift to subscription-based or membership models to find a more sustainable revenue stream to fund their digital news, meaning there will be fewer traditional opportunities for brands to advertise in trusted news brands. A recent study by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, tracking how digital-born news sites have evolved between and , finds they now face many of the same challenges as legacy media, including the need to establish sustainable funding models, attract new audiences and diversify distribution strategies.

Many others are using freemium models and more are likely to start experimenting with paywalls having seen that consumers are willing to pay for quality news. Although Project Ozone — the joint ad sales house of News UK, the Guardian and The Telegraph — is entering its first full year on a journey to reclaim revenue from Facebook and Google, the wind is increasingly blowing towards subscription. And does it work for every industry? We ask leading CEOs in this session. Research shows that organizations around the world are failing, flailing, or paralysed in their digital transformation initiatives.

Transformation done properly is a risky business. Digital is not the end game but rather an enabler. But this message often gets lost in our drive to adopt the latest digital innovation. This panel will discuss how customer expectations have changed, the digital role in enabling it, and what do customers really want but are not saying.

Can business decisions be done in real-time and make a company truly agile? For many years, companies have relied on historical data to make future strategic decisions. In this session, we will look at how CDOs can use the latest tools to drive real-time decision making. But with digitization, they are beginning to appreciate the vast and exponentially increasing data that in-house IT teams have to deal with.

How can line of business and IT work together to grapple with the vast amounts of data an enterprise can potentially use, and how does a CDO become a bridge between the two?

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Mention automation and employees think of replacement. But can you blame them? Many automation and AI tools are sold on how well they replace expensive manual labor. Yet, early adopters of AI and RPA are finding that they are actually helping employees to perform better. This session will look at the augmentation benefits of AI, and how to get your employees rooting for it. Mindset and cultural agility have become just as important as technological know-how.

The CDO is responsible for triggering and overseeing massive internal transformations while ensuring that these are embraced, adopted and used by the intended users.

Top de podcasts a Tecnologia

In other words, he or she needs the right digital tribe. This session looks at how CDOs can help to create the right digital tribe and how it can speed up agility.

What is Brand Journalism ?

Winston brings over 20 years of journalistic experience to CDOTrends. Most recently, Winston served as N. Asia editor of CMOInnovation. Fascinated by new technology trends, he is constantly looking at how digital is reshaping our future lives.

Besides his communication skills, he is well-versed in building conference and marketing programmes externally and internally. Previous to his career in the media industry, he was a commodities broker and an abattoir manager in Singapore. He currently holds a B Sc. Biology with Merit, loves playing the piano and running marathon events. Jonathan has spent over 25 years in the media and events space with various management positions and start-ups including nearly 10 years at Global Sources and most recently as Managing Director of Questex Asia.

He also launched the Events division at Questex where he oversaw over events across 13 Asian countries in a normal calendar year. Ashok has over 15 years of experience and started his career with Bharti Airtel in India before moving to consulting and subsequently into the insurance industry. Samuel strongly believes that successful Digital Transformations are Talent-led, never Technology-led! Samuel also brings with him a breadth of experience advising Fortune Financial Services clients on business growth and transformation strategies at Oliver Wyman in New York City. Alex is the lead digital support of Bluebell local business units across Asia.

He develops digital ecosystems to accelerate the growth of Bluebell Brand Partners, increasing their online presence and sales. Alex has been devoted to building digital businesses and experiences for 12 years.

Neil Gardner is responsible for all aspects of the customer life cycle, including Customer Insight, Brand and Engagement, Digital Distribution and Analytics, as well as Operations in order to integrate the End to End customer experience. His career has a focus on a broad range of Marketing and Customer Experience roles with significant experience in Direct Marketing. These involve reshaping corporate culture to be innovative and collaborative among 17, staff across 12 Asian economies. He received a Medal of Honour in in recognition of his contribution to the society.

Maggie has proven capability to drive robust strategy and build market first digital capabilities including internet banking, mobile banking app, Apple watch app, NFC mobile wallet and AI enabled chatbot among many others.

Time Inc. Names Norman Pearlstine Chief Content Officer

Recognised by Hong Kong and Asian IT Telecoms and Media, as leading technology innovator, Sundi, is a dynamic leader, zealous problem solver and pragmatic decision maker. His career achievements are attributable to his dedication, long-term vision and passion for helping people and businesses grow. Sundi also has over 25 years of experience in several functions of Technology and consulting, holding many senior technology roles within international telecommunications and financial services companies.

He is currently the co-founder and partner of DigiB, an advisory and software services focussed on Telecommunications industry in Asia. His role is to help gather insights from the diverse data sources across the various businesses within the Group and drive strategies to derive new revenue opportunities. Strong in execution and driving an organization toward customer centric via digitization and technology.

He builds bridge between a corporate with customers via data, and lead a series of huge digital transformation programs which successfully help to bring the company to become one of the most digital forefront leaders in the region. He is passionate in digital innovation with sustainable business cases to enhance business profitability, operation and customer experience. McIsaac has 30 years of experience as a strategic consultant and trusted advisor to business managers, executives, and board directors, with hands-on experience in sales and marketing.

McIsaac is an accomplished business strategist, expert technology advisor, and sought-after public speaker. Aged 43, joined the Group in , is the general manager responsible for business strategy and analytics as well as technology applications of the Group. Lee has over 20 years of experience in advanced analytics carrying out consulting and business management roles with leading business analytics corporations.

Adam is an experienced leader in technology consulting, with more than 16 years of delivering measurable outcomes for his clients through technology. In this role, Adam provides guidance to Chief Information and Digital Officers in Hong Kong and China, helping them to achieve enterprise-wide transformation. Throughout his career, Adam has delivered digital strategy, IT solution architecture, and systems implementation initiatives for clients, while working with both lines of business and IT departments.

He has deep experience in the utilities and travel and transportation sectors, but has worked broadly across sectors in Canada, the US, Hong Kong and China. Adam is actively involved in education, helping to mentor and coach student groups and acting as a guest lecturer for technology courses at multiple universities in Hong Kong. Ronald FUNG built the Digital Innovation Center for the Noah Group from 0 to 1, responsible for group wide data management and security as well as the incorporation of innovative technologies.

As the Junior Partner, he advised clients in multiple strategic topics, especially on the Technology and Operation front.

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Focused primarily in the finance industry, served clients in Europe, Middle East and Africa prior returning to Asia, specifically Greater China.

The Rise of Brand Journalism and the Imperative of the Chief Content Officer The Rise of Brand Journalism and the Imperative of the Chief Content Officer
The Rise of Brand Journalism and the Imperative of the Chief Content Officer The Rise of Brand Journalism and the Imperative of the Chief Content Officer
The Rise of Brand Journalism and the Imperative of the Chief Content Officer The Rise of Brand Journalism and the Imperative of the Chief Content Officer
The Rise of Brand Journalism and the Imperative of the Chief Content Officer The Rise of Brand Journalism and the Imperative of the Chief Content Officer
The Rise of Brand Journalism and the Imperative of the Chief Content Officer The Rise of Brand Journalism and the Imperative of the Chief Content Officer

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