The Menage Menagerie

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The Menage Menagerie

Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3. I cannot see what process of reasoning made zoological gardens, menageries and mink farms exempt from these provisions. Individual licences to import them for circus or menagerie purposes from other countries are not granted. What is the difference between a zoo and a menagerie? The performers are certainly present in a menagerie —the performing bears and the rest.


It is a very thin line which divides the circuses and menageries from zoological societies. One cannot make money out of it unless one turns the house into a menagerie. There is a story told of a man who went into a menagerie and saw a lion lying down with a lamb.

I think that menagerie is a much better description. After their act, dogs are put into the menageries, where the general public can go and look at them in their pens. For this purpose do they constitute "menageries", and will the owners be allowed to secure the raw flesh upon which their species of pet lives? Translations of menagerie in Chinese Traditional.

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The Menage Menagerie The Menage Menagerie
The Menage Menagerie The Menage Menagerie
The Menage Menagerie The Menage Menagerie
The Menage Menagerie The Menage Menagerie
The Menage Menagerie The Menage Menagerie
The Menage Menagerie The Menage Menagerie

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