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This candidate, however, shared something that showed who she really was beyond a piece of paper: a person who was adventurous, curious, goal-oriented and disciplined. More importantly, it was clear that she had the ability to apply lessons learned from past experiences to new challenges. But that's not all. When I then asked about the first thought that ran through her head upon reaching the summit of Mount Everest, she didn't wax philosophical or go off about how she'd done something most of us can't even contemplate.

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Instead, she laughed and said, "How the heck am I going to get down? I knew right then and there that she was a highly-qualified person anyone would want on their team — and the realization came through an exchange that lasted less than a minute. You don't need to be a world-class mountaineer to stand out in a job interview.

Here's my advice on how to nail the most common interview question:. Most people are so eager to show off all the work projects they've been involved in. Don't worry. There will be time for that: the interviewer has reviewed your resume and will ask you plenty about your expertise.


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Everyone has something interesting to share about themselves. I've heard people talk about everything from being a world-class sushi chef to an ice carver. It's also important to tell it in a way that makes you memorable: you finished your first triathlon, you participate in competitive sports, you served in the Peace Corps, you're an accomplished cellist, you're writing your first detective novel. If the information showcases a unique facet of yourself — and especially if you can link it to what you can bring to your next job — then go for it.

Another way to think about the question is: "What gets you up every morning? That volunteer work on a farm cooperative in South America, for example, shows you have a global perspective. I never realised it because like you said, I escaped. Because the person did not touch me and I managed to ward it off," Swara said.

The director was not being an idiot or an ass, he was being a predator," she added. Actor Dia Mirza, Anand Patwardhan were also part of the discussion. The actor said she wasn't able to recognise that pattern or behaviour because as a culture "we do not teach our girl children to recognise predatory behaviour for what it is.

The Perfectly Fitted, Workwear-Meets-Streetwear Pants It Took Me Years to Find

We just recognise the discomfort. Before moving to Mumbai, Swara lived with her parents in Delhi, who had a university background, and so was very aware of things, but said "the real world is the world. She said she came to the film industry thinking if someone dares to proposition her, she will show them her "upbringing and values" but nothing of this sort had happened. Fans of Kepnes and travel enthusiasts will enjoy taking this adventure with a reliable, amiable guide.

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The dream is: quit your job, live wherever you want, live without compromise, figure out how to do it cheaply while still making a good living, and live the life you choose, not what society will choose for you. In other words, read this book.

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A post shared by candicewalsh candicewalsh on Jul 15, at pm PDT. Want to travel more? This book will take you around the world and get your inspired to live life on your own terms!


It's my opus on travel! Order It Today. But this is not all about me.

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It is my opus on travel.

The Me Years The Me Years
The Me Years The Me Years
The Me Years The Me Years
The Me Years The Me Years
The Me Years The Me Years
The Me Years The Me Years
The Me Years The Me Years
The Me Years The Me Years
The Me Years

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