Stormy : The Ugliest Cat in the World

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Once known as the awkward rhino, Stormy fathers baby in North Carolina

The bright red and yellow combined are too much in one outfit. Together on these jerseys they become and eye sore. In addition to being very bright, the hue of both of these colors looks like ketchup and mustard. These uniforms were hideous thanks to the too wide stripe on the shorts and the funky yellow wasteband which breaks up the flow of the purple color.

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The Browns have never had really good looking uniforms, but these s uniforms were especially bad. The skinny brown and orange stripes on the white look even smaller or big football players, and having horizontal and vertical stripes so close together looks a little weird.

For one season, the Northwestern team decided to try a one piece uniform, which was not very pretty and looked a little weird on the field.

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The in addition to the awful pinstripes, the double stries on the wasteband are very awkward looking as well. With its over crowding of numbers and letter on the back of the uniform and its stripes that get smaller as they do down the outfit, this is one ugly uniform. These jagged blue and black uniforms with orange writing don't look very cohesive and are extremely ugly.

This ice skating duo looks look like Barbie and Ken from the 80s. Maybe that was what they were going for, but in this day and age, their costumes are ugly. In celebration of the aniversary of the AFL, the Broncos chose a very unflattering and ugly uniform for their players to wear. Not only are the colors ugly, but the striping from the pants to the socks is also unfashionable as well.

The snow suits designed for the US Olympic freestyle aerial ski team looked more like pajamas then ski gear. Everything about this uniform is hideous.

Stitch the kitten aka 'Ugly Cat' becomes internet sensation

From the awful color scheme to the repetition of V's all over the pants and shirt, nothing about this uniform works. The Seattle Seahawks neon green jerseys look like they would be more useful in directing traffic than playing football. These colors don't look very good together on this uniform, and looking at it kind of reminds you of McDonalds. Everything about this uniform is unflattering, from the pattern of the stripes to the logo and lettering on the front and back of the jersey.

It actually looks more like something these players would wear to bed rather than a professional uniform they should be wearing on the ice. While not the worst, the dull mustard yellow color isn't pleasent to look at and the whole design of the uniform makes people want to look away or find something more attractive to stare at. From the color combination to the cartoonish logos, this jersey looks more like something a five-year-old should be wearing than a team of grown men should. This hideous jersey was worn by the LA Kings.

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The fading, bending color stripes look out of place and the King logo kind of looks like the creepy Burger King mascot. The uniforms from earlier decades, however, were especially bad.

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Stormy, our black Portuguese Water Dog is no exception. It all started during the research of this breed which said he would be a tireless worker and a good swimmer. Not so fast, dog owner! The first time we went out I was excited to run with my Stormy.

this UGLY cat keeps coming to my house (Reacting To Memes)

We ran for barely a block; he looked up at me as if to say why are we doing this; he then found the shade of a tree and laid down. Thinking he might have just been having a bad day, we tried it again. No dice. Oh well, at least he will get his exercise when we go to the Bark Park where there is a dock and ramps for the dogs to go in and out of the water after they enjoy a refreshing swim. Embarrassed and confused, I returned home with a bone-dry dog in the back seat. Undaunted, again I thought he was just having a bad day.

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After several attempts, I threw Stormy in the water and had to literally rescue him from drowning. What in the world! About Your Privacy on this Site. By clicking continue below and using our sites or applications, you agree that we and our third party advertisers can: transfer your personal data to the United States or other countries, and process your personal data to serve you with personalized ads, subject to your choices as described above and in our privacy policy.

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Watch out world, a new ugliest dog has been crowned

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Stormy :  The Ugliest Cat in the World Stormy : The Ugliest Cat in the World
Stormy :  The Ugliest Cat in the World Stormy : The Ugliest Cat in the World
Stormy :  The Ugliest Cat in the World Stormy : The Ugliest Cat in the World
Stormy :  The Ugliest Cat in the World Stormy : The Ugliest Cat in the World
Stormy :  The Ugliest Cat in the World Stormy : The Ugliest Cat in the World

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