Santa Claus: Is He For Your Child?

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Think of this as an invitation to decide how your family will view the story of Santa, in your unique way. Sometimes, the signal that they're ready comes from a subtle shift in a way they ask the Santa question.

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When a child says something along the lines of, 'Santa isn't real, is he? When they're older and can think more critically, they'll tell you Santa isn't real, and especially when their peers are talking about Santa not being real. These are good indicators they're really to hear the truth. Children react differently to hearing the news about Santa. Edlynn says.

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Others might feel embarrassed that they believed for so long, or are sad to lose the Santa myth. I shared with her that this entire team of grown-ups and older children work hard to keep the secret of the magic of Santa.

Tell your kids the truth: Santa is real

It is our job to make sure the magic is real for younger children. And now that she is old enough, I could tell her the wonderful news that she gets to be a member of the secret-keeper helper team. Can you help us keep the magic alive for them? Wherever you choose, I do recommend a or conversation with your child.

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  8. When I shared the true secret of Santa with my daughter, she did get upset and cry. And of course that made me worry if I had crushed her little heart.

    Is It Okay to Lie About Santa? | Parenting Tips | PBS KIDS for Parents

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      The Santa Claus Dilemma: When and How to Tell Your Child That Santa Isn’t Real

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      Santa Christmas Video For Kids - With Morphle and Cute Animals

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      Santa Claus: Is He For Your Child?
      Santa Claus: Is He For Your Child?
      Santa Claus: Is He For Your Child?
      Santa Claus: Is He For Your Child?
      Santa Claus: Is He For Your Child?

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