Origine du prénom Oscar (Oeuvres courtes) (French Edition)

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Fine set bound together of these 3 cartographic publications. Louis Brion de la Tour was the King's hydrographer-engineer, active from to his death in , then he served the old and new regimes. His maps shows the state of the French roads before the Revolution; they are very detailed and precise.

This important set of geographical, topographical, administrative and maritime works by cartographers Rizzi Zannoni , geographer of the city of Venice, head hydrographer of the Navy depot , Michel by L. Brion de la Tour and Louis-Charles Desnos , geography engineer for Globes and Spheres gives the situation of France at the end of the old regime.

The engraving work map frames Provenance: unidentified armored ex-libris. Very fresh copy in period condition. Paris, Librairie orientaliste Paul Gueuthner, Publisher binding. First edition of this remarkable work devoted to music and musical instruments of the Incas.

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This work, due to the couple of musicologist M, and Mrs. The complete bibliography that completes the book makes it possible to realize that this is the first overall work on South American Indian music, the first synthesis on an indigenous art that until then had not retained the attention of ethnologists. The study of Incaic music forms the center of the present work, their research extending to a much larger field including Mexico, Central America and all South American regions on which documents remain. The first part, which deals with the instruments used both in the pre-Columbian period and since the discovery, is an ethnographic study that encompasses the entire New World.

It is composed of a series of real monographs including a technical and very detailed description of each instrument, the study of its distribution in the whole of America. Thus, bells and noisemakers, drums and xylophones, trumpet, syrinx, vertical flute and flageolet, whistles and ocarinas and stringed instruments were successively reviewed. The second part of the book is entirely devoted to the festivals and dances of ancient Peru and Mexico. The third chapter deals with Indian music and especially Peruvian music from a technical point of view. There are melodies recorded, mostly noted on the spot or collected from people native of South America.

The authors thus manage to distinguish what is truly Indian from what has undergone European influence, the pre-Columbian music of mixed music. There is another chapter on Incasic poetry, and another on singers and instrumentalists. The set includes a superb album of 39 collotype plates, many in color.

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Fine copy, very fresh. Douglas Esqr. Commr de quitter le Little Nore. Manuscript on paper. Card board binding. Original manuscript log from a Mediterranean voyage of H.

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It includes tables in what appear to be two different hands, one being Captain Douglas's, the other possibly in the hand of one of his officers. Commr from leaving the Little Nore. Sept to the [title unfinished]', signed 'J. Douglas conducted the King on his first voyage aboard a warship, and on 13 September King George appointed Douglas a knight bachelor. Douglas' manuscript opens on 18 July with an account of his receiving on that day the commission to command the Southampton.

Confutation de l'invention des longitudes ou de la mecometrie de l'eymant. Cy devant mise en lumiere souz le nom de Guillaume le nautonnier. Car encore quil ait cinq cent sieurs de Champlain observant en cinq cent endroits de la terre, et que toutes leurs observations conviennent avec la mecometrie, je ne veux que deux ou trois petites observations contraires pour ruiner tout. Later vellum. Just printed, his work was used by Samuel de Champlain circa during his first expedition of for his cartographic work of New France.

In , Dounot published his " Confutation de l'invention des longitudes", a very well-argued criticism of Dounot's work, which he accuses of not demonstrating his claims and rejecting them as false. Mercator was the first in the sixteenth century to attempt to determine longitude by measuring it.

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In parallel, the British doctor William Gilbert establishes the tables of this declination. Nautonnier's work is one of the first to speculate on the link between the longitude and the declination of the magnet. He defends the idea of two fixed magnetic poles, towards which the needle of the magnets is oriented permanently. Dounot, mathematics teacher in Paris and friend of Descartes, criticizes here Nautonniers theory on geomagnetism.

Repeating and refuting point by point his theories and referring to the observations of navigators including those made made in St Helena, Tristan de Concha and Canton in China. Finally, he devotes his last chapter to the criticism of Samuel Champlain's observations in New France using the mecrometry, not without some humor: "That the Sieur de Castel-Franc wanted to conclude universally for all the earth, my previous demonstrations will prevent it.

Manual Origine du prénom Erwan (Oeuvres courtes) (French Edition)

For although he has five hundred Sieurs de Champlain observing in five hundred places of the earth, and all their observations agree with the mecometrie, I want only two or three small contrary observations to ruin everything. And that he says as long as he wants a swallow does not make spring, it only takes a particular induction to destroy a universal proposition. But I would like to know what certainty Sieur Champlain may have that a longitude observed by mecometrie in New France will be true?

Will he not have found in Canada some Ptolemy manuscript, which contain the longitudes of the place?. La description du royaume de Juda et quelques particularitez touchant la vie du Roy regnant. Paris, Jombert, Ile de la pierre Blanche. Bel exemplaire dans sa reliure d'origine. Sabin , ; The Huth Library, p. De titre reproduite ; CRLV f. Rare first edition the following are from and of this precious relation of a journey made between and These trips, that author gives us the account, are constant comings and goings between continents : taken prisoner by the English, he is forced to visit parts of Black Africa.

Released, he returns to America and seeks to participate in military events. His stories are anecdotes often full of interest and sometimes funny see: p. Buenos Aires, I did not find them jealous like the others, and they even used French enough with regard to their wives, to whom we went to visit with a lot of freedom, and without them finding it bad. It seems that some air of Paris has passed into this country, and that it has expelled the Spanish jealousy List of countries crossed: South America.

White Stone Island.

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Fine copy, in its original binding. Polak, Engraved frontispiece, 24 plates. Contemporary full marbled calf. First edition of this standard work on naval architecture. Duhamel du Monceau founded the school for students of naval engineering and architecture at the Louvre. This work was intended for the training of the students at his school. He was appointed inspector-general of the French navy in and opened his school in This treatise was very successful and a second edition appears in Fine copy, with many contemporary annotations in brown ink in the margins proving its use by a professional.

Chadenat, Colored plates. First French translation of one of the first exhaustive works on the kingdom of Kabul, now known as Afghanistan, written by a British official, Mountstuart Elphinstone The work gives a good impression of Afghan society at the beginning of the nineteenth century, a time Afghanistan was still virtually unknown in Europe. Manuscript in brown ink of [20] pp.

Hold by a vellum string. In the spring of , France lives a short period of peace that will be interrupted by the War of the League of Augsburg launched in September Folowing the orders of Louis XIV, the French fleet has been modernized and powerfully armed to meet the strategic necessities of the time. The conflict about of the Spanish succession pushes the King to maintain a large fleet near Cadiz.

This document, signed by the Admiral and dated June 10, , gives all the orders and signals for the gun ship l"Entreprenant", part of the second squadron. French naval tactics are at the time in major evolution.


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The present document bears the mark of modernity brought by Hoste, giving precise and detailed orders of anchorage, battle, signals of day, night, mist, combat, recognition Remarkable remnant of naval tactics, of any scarcity on the market for that time, this type of secret and confidential document to be normally destroyed after use. Paris, Bauche, Provenance: Madame Ranville signature. Third edition of this very complete manual of geography on all countries of the world by Jean-Joseph Explilly French priest, author of several historical and geographical works, the Abbe Expilly was Secretary of Embassy of the King of Sicily, examiner and auditor general of the bishopric of Sagona in Corsica and canon treasurer of the chapter of St.

Martha of Tarascon. It is after his travels in Europe that he receives many observations on the countries he visited, and draws from them works that were still estimated in the nineteenth century for their details on the climate, manners, the population and the political life of the different countries. Fine copy of this reference book on the geographical and cultural differences of all the countries of the globe.

Origine du prénom Oscar (Oeuvres courtes) (French Edition)
Origine du prénom Oscar (Oeuvres courtes) (French Edition)
Origine du prénom Oscar (Oeuvres courtes) (French Edition)
Origine du prénom Oscar (Oeuvres courtes) (French Edition)
Origine du prénom Oscar (Oeuvres courtes) (French Edition)
Origine du prénom Oscar (Oeuvres courtes) (French Edition)

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