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He wants us to be much more loving to others - friends and strangers alike. He wants us to forgive others unconditionally , without prompting or an expectation of reciprocity. That means forgiving your neighbor for putting dog poop in your yard.

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It means forgiving those who repel us and society, including the philanderers and pedophiles and murderers and rapists. It's not easy, but as they say, nothing that's worth it is ever easy. Forgive out of sheer love of God. No strings attached. He asks us to bring other people to Him. Introduce your friends, family, strangers even, to God. It's a great gift to give Him and them.

Above everything else, He wants us to Love Him with all our hearts. He wants us to go to Him for His Mercy and Love. Our focus should always be on Him - on repenting and asking for His Mercy and forgiveness; praising Him for all of His wonderful gifts and the joy we feel as we live; and Loving Him because He is such an amazing, profound Lord and Father. We really need to be with God and not against Him. All of the original messages are written in journals 23 and counting.

Messages from God

A handful of priests - very amazing priests - read them as they are shared on this site. My priests or "the professionals" as I like to call them ensure the messages do not contradict Scripture, because that would be a very bad thing and Jesus has given us all we need to know already. The professionals make sure that nothing in the messages goes against the tenets of the Church. They also examine the underlying tones of the messages if the tone is angry or vicious or unforgiving.

Those last ones sound like strange and vague criteria, but I believe it's a good way to check if something is not of God.

God doesn't want us to be confused or afraid. He wants us to go to Him for Mercy and Forgiveness and Love. He doesn't scare us away. He embraces us. The thing is, unwelcome attacks can happen and have happened in the past. That is why I sincerely appreciate your prayers! Some folks have asked whether I have a spiritual director. The answer is yes. His name is Fr. Others have asked whether the Catholic Church has approved the messages.

I contacted our bishop and one of our auxiliary Bishops via email.

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The latter told me to continue on with the help of my professionals. That is not an official stamp of approval, but at least someone knows. My understanding is that I might be dead before anyone gives the thumbs up on the messages, so pray for discernment. It's simple, though. I promise. Sometimes I get messages that I can't share with everyone. The flow sometimes breaks otherwise. Clarification comments within the entries will be in regular type in [light gray].

When I am talking to God and asking Him questi ons, my voice will be reflected in bold print, gray. I've tried to limit this more recently, because I've been told it is distracting. Messages from Him will always be in black print, italics. He directs some messages to me - "His Child" - and others to "His Children. Our words or my vocabulary is often too limited to express what needs to be expressed.

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For e xample. He is just too big for us to grasp and even the bold print, capital lettering isn't enough, but I hope you get the gist. I have received what people believe are prophecies. I am able to share most of them with you. On the site, they used to be reflected in this sort of teal blue and in bold print. If you read the archives, you'll see this. Now, they are in black bold print to emphasize them.

These are like messages within messages. That is the best way I can explain it. I believe that's all there is for the format part.

Messages from God Messages from God
Messages from God Messages from God
Messages from God Messages from God
Messages from God Messages from God
Messages from God Messages from God
Messages from God Messages from God
Messages from God Messages from God
Messages from God Messages from God

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