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Count backwards through zero to include negative numbers

On the last page we talk about what happened to the cookies. I say, "I f there is a plate of cookies and someone eats all of them, that means there are zero. If you have a different type of interactive whiteboard, you can still use this lesson by opening the file in Smart Notebook Express. There is also a PDF of the slides so you can recreate this part of the lesson. I have cards with each student's name on. There is a content objective and a language objective to help focus on vocabulary expansion for my English Learners ELs to be congruent with SIOP instructional techniques.

I read these objectives aloud for my students.

Zero, My Hero! Exploring the Number Zero

Content Objective I can find the number zero, identify when a group has zero items and remove items from a group until there are zero items. Language Objective I can use the number zero to tell a friend how many items are in a group. Slide Three: When I count, zero can be the first number I say.

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I then count pointing to the numbers on the Smartboard slide. I repeat, having the students count with me. There is nothing to count. There are zero things in the box. I am wondering what ones have zero. Can you come up and find a group that has zero items. You will erase to check.

Maths For Class 1 : Before, After, In Between Numbers - Learn Maths For Children

After the students find the ones with zero. When the students find a group with zero, we talk about how there is nothing for them to touch when counting. The students erase in the circle to expose the number zero. After the students identify the sets with zero, I ask them how many objects are in the other groups.

I have them come to the board and demonstrate counting the objects. The remaining objects have eight and nine objects each to review those numbers.

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  4. I make sure the students demonstrate touching and counting each object. Slide Six and Seven: Now the students get the chance to remove items from a group until there is zero. On slide six, the students move toys from the rug and put them in the toy box. The students use their finger to drag each toy into the box using the smooth part of your fingernail works well for students to move the objects.

    Kindergarten » Counting & Cardinality | Common Core State Standards Initiative

    When they are done, we discuss whether there are any objects left. I say, We know there are zero objects because there is nothing to touch and count. We do the same thing on slide seven with the cookies. Slide Eight : I use this slide to demonstrate how to make a zero. Close up the top. Students get with their assigned Turn and Talk Partners. I tell the students, Now, turn to a friend and tell them how many grasshoppers there are. After the students have had a chance to talk, I ask the students to raise a hand if they know how many grasshoppers there are.

    There are nine to help review that number. When I get a correct answer, to expand their language skills I have them repeat the answer in a complete sentence. I say, You are right. There are nine grasshoppers.

    I then have them repeat after me, There are nine grasshoppers. I now focus the students attention on the next group. I ask them how many toys there are. This usually gets a few giggles. After the have talked with their partner, I ask if anyone knows the answer. That's correct. There are zero toys.

    Much more than documents.

    I know there are zero because there is nothing for me to touch and count. Say that with me. The book can be duplicated and stapled on the side. After duplicating, the stapled packet can be cut down the middle to make two student booklets. The students and I read the cover together, Zero My Hero.

    I ask them to point to the number zero on the front cover. We then turn to the first page. We turn to the next page.

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    I invite the students to join me as I read. I got in trouble for leaving my toys on the rug. We turn the page. We read together. There are zero toys on the rug. Zero is my hero! Boys and girls We continue on, reading the book in this fashion. The last zero does not have only has the lines so the students can practice making the number on their own. When we are done, the students are instructed to put the booklet on their name tags on their table.

    Teaching Tips

    After independent practice they will get a chance to color in the book. A copy of the Zero Cookie Activity Sheet is needed for each student. To complete the activity, students will need ink pads and their pencils. They will "ink" the erasers on the pencils with the ink pads and use them to make chocolate chips on the cookies. I distribute a copy of the activity to each student.

    I have them put their name at the top and set their pencils down. I then explain to the students , I have chocolate chip cookies on my sheet, but some cookies are missing their chocolate chips. Students will be asked to complete a worksheet independent practice on counting backwards. Students will fill in blanks on a number line. The teacher can work in with students in small groups for those who need extra assistance. Students who are reluctant to participate can work with a partner. Teacher can provide verbal and physical cues to help students.

    This lesson is designed to help students identify and sort common words in basic categories. Details and Share. Print Lesson Plan. Download Lesson Plan. Salpy Baharian, M. Ed Teacher. Measuring Up This lesson will allow students to demonstrate knowledge of length as compared to other objects.

    Lesson Plans Count Zero Lesson Plans Count Zero
    Lesson Plans Count Zero Lesson Plans Count Zero
    Lesson Plans Count Zero Lesson Plans Count Zero
    Lesson Plans Count Zero Lesson Plans Count Zero
    Lesson Plans Count Zero Lesson Plans Count Zero
    Lesson Plans Count Zero Lesson Plans Count Zero

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