Honest Desires (Moon-brier Book 2)

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Our population during the cold months dwindles from thousands to a few hundred. I can get by. I want a husband. More than anything, I want a child of my own. But is any of that even possible anymore? Not much.

Is this even a reasonable option? Despite her age, Briar was healthy. She rarely came down with so much as sniffles. There were no genetic issues to worry about.

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She was in peak health, the optimal weight, and she exercised every single day. She was healthier than most twenty-year-old women. She wanted a baby of her own , no question about that. No other option for her. Briar had all but memorized it but had never considered the men on it in this light before.

Were there any single guys on that list who would have desirable traits as a father to a child, her child? She seemed upset. She now worked year-round but only part-time during the school year. Briar had found her to be an excellent employee and the customers had always loved her. She was never late and she had the personal responsibility of an extremely mature adult. Players like Clay rarely cared about age. Briar had wondered often whether she should tell Roman about the crush.

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In maturity, few could compete with Harper, luckily, but Roman fretted about her a lot. She looked much older than sixteen and she was remarkably beautiful. Often, Roman asked Briar if he should talk to his daughter about her fashion style—was it too sexy? You see his sensitivity and struggle to hold himself together. After learning that his mother had a Washer hide many of his memories of her when he was a child, he joins the Neverseen in order to find answers and help Sophie and the Black Swan. In Lodestar , it is revealed it was also to infiltrate their organization. In book four, Neverseen , Keefe feels betrayed by his mother and fights with emotions of regret, grief, and guilt, causing him to lash out at his friends, telling Sophie and Fitz that the best thing they could do would be to go away.

Keefe Sencen

He still seems to love his mother deep down but refuses to admit it. Keefe is desperate to gain the memories stolen by his mother, and when he does, he believes that he was never meant to be a hero, but a villain. He had later found out that it wasn't only his mother who was part of Neverseen , it was also Alvar Vacker , whom Keefe looked up to and previously called his "hero".

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Keefe decides to join the Neverseen so he can work as a double agent, but he did not tell anyone that until the next book Lodestar. When Keefe joins the Neverseen , Sophie secretly follows him, and he tries to protect her from Brant and Alvar. Keefe ends up sacrificing Sophie's caches , given to her by Kenric , and steals it by mimicking her voice because he overheard her and Fitz talking about the cache's password, " B Baker Street".

He tells Sophie he can't be who she wants him to be. He begs Sophie not to hate him, and his last words before Sophie leaves are "I have to do this. Please don't hate me. After that, every night and later on in the book, every morning in his Neverseen hideout, he has a telepathic conversation with Sophie. It is in this scene that he reveals that he is a double agent and is actually on Sophie's side.

Curl up with this uplifting festive read – perfect for fans of Trisha Ashley and Carole Matthews.

When Tam and Fitz get trapped behind a force field , Sophie decides she has no choice but to inflict on them. Then she wakes Keefe up and Keefe begs to take Alvar with him back to Fintan so he can gain his trust and steal his cache along with Kenric's. As Sophie disagrees, begging Keefe to leave the Neverseen and come back with them, but Keefe steals their leaping crystal to Alluveterre and escapes, bringing himself and Alvar back to the Neverseen. Towards the end of the book, Keefe finally flees the Neverseen while Sophie is at the Peace Summit and he finds her at Lumenaria and is there when Mr.

Forkle dies. It is also revealed that Keefe's blood is the key to open a mysterious door, possibly part of the Lodestar Initiative. At the very end, Sophie learns from Keefe that her parents may be in danger. She light leaps to their new home and discovers that it has been ransacked. Her parents aren't there but her little sister Amy is. Amy sees Sophie and all she says is "Sophie? In book 6, Nightfall , Keefe is no longer associated with the Neverseen. When he and Sophie make contact with Lady Gisela through his blood-sealed imparter , she answers.

Lady Gisela says she needs him to go to Ravagog and deliver a message to King Dimitar. When they get there, Keefe declares himself to be a Mercadir. King Dimitar challenges Keefe to a sparring match where the first person to draw blood from the opponent three times wins. If Keefe wins, they get they the starstone hairpin that they want. Keefe wins by a hair, and he learns that his mother, in the message, told Dimitar to challenge Keefe to a fight to "prove that he's not worthless like the others. He ends up being assigned Ro , King Dimitar's daughter.

In Flashback , Fitz and Sophie confessed their feelings for each other. Keefe has been interpreted by some to be heartbroken. He was jealous and acted jerky at first but then decided that it could make Sophie happy so he said he was "fine," though he may not have been. Keefe is also known to his bodyguard as Lord Hunkyhair. Tiergan and Keefe also recovered some blurry memories of a sunset, a couple of trees, a bunch of black fabric, empty glass vials, and a pair of green eyes, possibly Green Door House man's, or Amy 's, meaning that he has met a human before.

Sophie and Keefe met midway through Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities and since that time the two have become good friends. Keefe always wants to join Sophie on her adventures and is there for her various times throughout the series.

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In Book 2: Exile , Keefe, and Sophie get to know each other better. Neverseen hinted a couple of times that Keefe could possibly like Sophie, due to his constant teasing and subtle compliments. In Book 4: Neverseen , it becomes quite obvious that Keefe likes Sophie, becoming jealous of Tam , who he believes is trying to join the "Foster Fan Club". They share many close moments, and he even goes as far as to give her a necklace that he had originally made for his mother, in order to protect her from himself. Also in Neverseen , when Keefe says "Hold hands and look into each other's eyes", he reveals that he is quite jealous of Fitz and knows Sophie has romantic feelings for Fitz.

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He also seems to confide in Sophie more than the others, as well as stalling his own reckless plans for "only her". They also shared two "window slumber parties", where they both sleep at their respective windowsills, covered in blankets, just to enjoy each other's company. Sophie is heartbroken when Keefe joins the Neverseen , and, trying to honor his last wish, tries as best as she can, not to hate him.

In Lodestar, they often communicate telepathically while Keefe is with the Neverseen. When Mr. Forkle passes away in Lumenaria, Keefe was there to hold Sophie in his arms, keeping her together. He also gave her his cloak to keep her warm a couple of times. When Sophie finds Amy after her parents are taken, Keefe asks if she is okay and asks if Sophie still hates him.

Sophie replies, "I'm never going to hate you, Keefe. Keefe often visits Havenfield , and the share some sweet moments which hint at more than what is said. Ro remarks that "he's got it bad" for Sophie. He also was "dreaming about a pair of gold-flecked brown eyes" and told Ro that he would be whatever Sophie needed "until she was ready for more". He seems to admit that he will tell her soon, and at the beginning of Flashback , he continues to flirt with her and compliment her.

But in mid-Flashback Sophie and Fitz admit their feelings for each other and become a not dating couple, proving Keefe too late to tell Sophie his feelings for her.

Honest Desires (Moon-brier Book 2) Honest Desires (Moon-brier Book 2)
Honest Desires (Moon-brier Book 2) Honest Desires (Moon-brier Book 2)
Honest Desires (Moon-brier Book 2) Honest Desires (Moon-brier Book 2)
Honest Desires (Moon-brier Book 2) Honest Desires (Moon-brier Book 2)
Honest Desires (Moon-brier Book 2) Honest Desires (Moon-brier Book 2)
Honest Desires (Moon-brier Book 2) Honest Desires (Moon-brier Book 2)

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