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Chapter 4. The Spiral Staircase

A rumored feud between the former Destiny's Child frontwoman and the nominated actress didn't stop them from shimmying next to each other as they ripped into this trio of tunes. Undoubtedly the most intimate musical performance that's ever graced the Oscar stage, this showstopper is what happens when you get an earnest year-old rocker and his year-old girlfriend to belt out the mega-ballad inspired by their relationship.

He sat on a stool, she tucked herself behind a piano, and the two of them sneaked looks at each other on the downbeats as they bared their hearts for an audience of millions. The moment was so transporting that you quickly forgot how incongruous it was for Hollywood's biggest night — until Jack Nicholson sauntered up to the microphone to announce the next category.

Henson sang the chorus, including the modified line "a whole lot of 'witches' talkin' shit"; a slew of extras dancing in a fake living-room set; and enough strobe lights to cause coast-to-coast grand mal seizures. The song was an infectious trap-music highlight of the evening; even Queen Latifah gave her own brief rendition at the podium when she presented the group with the Best Song award.

Swanning around the stage with the same commitment that scared Academy voters away from nominating her for Best Actress, the Icelandic chanteuse delivered a singular rendition of Dancer in the Dark' s signature tune, as small and alone in the spotlight as her character was in the world. The song may be called "I've Seen It All," but most Oscar attendees and television viewers had never seen anything like it. Then … wait, is that Isaac Hayes in a chain-mail shirt, playing the keyboards? Daaaaamn right.


This would have ranked higher were it not lip-synced. It may have been past his bed time, as Heston joked, but this rendition suggested that the young Mr. Jackson was indeed capable of solo career — a tiny hint of the power ballads and pop-chart juggernauts to come. Arguably the single most optimistic movie-theme song ever written, this sonic equivalent of a sugar high — sung by Canadian duo Tegan and Sara — could have brought down the house on its own.

But they pulled out all the stops for this showstopping live performance: Andy Samberg and his Lonely Island cohorts rapping the lyrics while dressed in powder blue tuxedos; Will Arnett rocking out as Batman with Questlove; DayGlo construction workers and campy cowboy extras handing out Lego Oscar statuettes to the audience including a smiley Oprah.

Future generations will study this as the ne plus ultra of poptastic pastiche spectacles; it was, in a word, awesome. However this would represent a loss of a fairly significant amount of muscle, and as muscle is by far the most metabolically active of our tissues, it is likely that bodyfat will accumulate at a rate that will return our subject to the previous weight with an even more sluggish metabolic rate And so they begin again next year. Break the mold this New Year and remain youthful by adding some resistance to your workout routine and see what it can do for you.

Best of luck! For more useful reading visit www. Have a fantastic start to ! After spending seven years training to be and working as a lawyer, she left all that behind to go travelling, but has now returned to the bright lights of London to work in the communications industry. I spent my teenage years longing to escape the clutches of childhood; to be regarded as older and more mature. And yet now, as I creep gingerly into my fourth decade on this Earth, my youth is the one thing I cherish and celebrate above all else.

That irrepressible vitality, energy and sense of adventure that exists in us all. Retaining it — keeping it alive — takes practice and effort. The ultimate gift horse? When I was at law school nearly ten years ago, one of my tutors — a fun, anecdote-filled, inspirational sort of chap — told us a story. You could travel anywhere in the world in search of new experiences; you could give up your time for free and work for a charity; you could even take a course and learn something new.

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Whichever way you look at it, your options would be fairly broad. Yet, according to my tutor, this offer was rejected by each and every graduate to whom it was offered. With this little tale in mind, I think he had a point. For me, it also acts as an annual reminder that, when given the space and time to step back into my youth, I rediscover parts of my spirit I had neglected or, worse still, long forgotten. Blessed with liberal and open-minded parents and step-parents, our respective homes have always been filled with laughter, music, games, activity and time spent outdoors.

A different type of resolution The month of January, the youth of a brand new year, is a time for new beginnings.

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Join me in making this year one we dedicate to our own youthfulness: to adventures, to fun and games, to making new friends, to seeing the joy in all things, to spontaneity, to happiness. Most of all: to reconnecting with our best selves. I remember sprinting along a sandy beach as fast as my legs could carry me, chasing after a ball that someone had brought with them, and feeling as though my heart was about to beat out of my chest.

I know of no rule to say that such a feeling must cease as one becomes an adult. From the sublime to the ridiculous My father — whose capacity to remember limericks, rhymes and amusing stories is unrivalled by any other person I know — used to sing a song to us when my sister and I were small. As a child, I thought it was silly and, in my most sanctimonious way, used to tell my father that its contradictions made no sense. Of course, that was my naivety talking.

What is post-Zionism post-?

Play Hard! She takes clients in person and at distance, working to restore the true authentic self to power. Kay currently teaches and gives talks throughout the south of England as well as working as a writer and broadcaster. No time to play when we are busy with the important business of being a grown up!

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And this shows the most in our relationships with the world, particularly with our significant others, our work and the places where we live. When was the last occasion you took time to play with those things, instead of thinking about the serious side? I hope it was recently. Like, today. Schedules and box ticking In the case of significant relationships, I often see people forgetting about the fun side of things because they are so busy getting through the list.

Happy children do not interact with the peers by referring to a list of where the interactions are going to take them, and yet so many of us as adults choose this approach to our relationships.

Grappling with Post-Zionism

I am a 32 year old woman so I am seeing a lot of people I know becoming quite obsessed with ticking two boxes in particular: marriage and babies. In fact, no age is a good reason to do anything as far as I can tell. The baby schedule often seems the same. And of course for those who are trying to have children the very act of lovemaking can also be relegated from playtime to work. Strive to work with the energy of play As a lightworker, you can remember the energy of what you are striving for. If you want to have a baby, it is essential to remember why that is, and focus on the love in your heart and your love and attraction to your partner.

It is there you will be in the moment, as a child is, and find the energy of procreation — not in fertility charts. If you want to reach a position in your career, remember why and what you are trying to achieve for the world. Become present and absorbed in the work towards it as a child is when concentrating on a drawing or building their imagined goal out of lego.

In this way your work can be important play instead of a drudge towards getting a new title or more money. There was love in every detail. I have known some bridezillas in my time and it is extraordinary that a celebration of love can be arranged using a tired, haggard energy that is anathema to it.

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We build a framework of goals that are based on what we truly desire to create and how we want to feel this allows us to be more flexible on how the goals are attained. We set boundaries that will stop energies unhelpful to our creating from coming into our space. We commit to what experiences we will accept so we can remain in a vibration which is in alignment with our goals.

That freedom to play is essential. What our grown up minds often do is get so focused on the pursuit of the goal that we leave no room in our hearts for the childlike energy of excitement, wonder and love. Instead of deciding if your relationship will fit in to your time line, why not see if you can really play and co-create together? Instead of doing something because it is next on the list of what you think you should do, remember what you would love to do. Instead of being a slave to your list, remember the idea you first had that led to the list and enjoy every magical detail of making it real.

It is that sense of childlike wonder and that desire to create something from our imagination that birthed the goals we strive for in our lives.

EverDare (The Eternity Duet Book 1) EverDare (The Eternity Duet Book 1)
EverDare (The Eternity Duet Book 1) EverDare (The Eternity Duet Book 1)
EverDare (The Eternity Duet Book 1) EverDare (The Eternity Duet Book 1)
EverDare (The Eternity Duet Book 1) EverDare (The Eternity Duet Book 1)
EverDare (The Eternity Duet Book 1) EverDare (The Eternity Duet Book 1)
EverDare (The Eternity Duet Book 1) EverDare (The Eternity Duet Book 1)
EverDare (The Eternity Duet Book 1) EverDare (The Eternity Duet Book 1)
EverDare (The Eternity Duet Book 1) EverDare (The Eternity Duet Book 1)

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