Diary of a Football Handicapper

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In fact, three tennis matches at Wimbledon in July came under investigation by the Tennis Integrity Unit because of suspicious betting patterns. So did former world No. Heavy action on the underdog moved Dolgopolov from about a favorite to a underdog. You can just quit after two games. But he thinks officials — such as former NBA referee Tim Donaghy, who served 15 months in prison for betting on games and providing inside information to gamblers from to — are vulnerable.

But you could get an NBA official like Donaghy because salaries are not that great. Contact reporter Todd Dewey at tdewey reviewjournal.

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Follow tdewey33 on Twitter. Eight Chicago White Sox players, including Shoeless Joe Jackson, were banned from baseball for life for conspiring with gamblers to throw the World Series in exchange for cash. In the biggest betting scandal in college basketball history, 32 players were arrested and admitted to taking bribes from to to fix 86 games. Eagles player Rick Kuhn received a year prison sentence for his role in the scheme but served only 28 months. The scandal, which was uncovered with the help of Las Vegas bookmakers, ended with the school dropping its basketball program.

In the first major gambling case involving two sports on a college campus, Rockets football and basketball players conspired with gamblers to shave points in games from to Kenny White, who owned the Las Vegas Sports Consultants oddsmaking firm at the time, first alerted the NCAA to suspicions of point shaving at Toledo after noticing irregular betting patterns on its games. Veteran NBA official Tim Donaghy was sentenced to 15 months in prison in for betting on NBA games he officiated, making calls that affected the point spreads and totals in those games, and providing inside information to gamblers.

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Like us on Facebook. The Crimson Tide quarterback opened as the minus favorite to be the No. The U. A draw is plus Donaghy was a free man Wednesday, Nov. Foster broke his silence Tuesday Nov. For NBA referees, the job isn't about winning or losing. Donaghy received a prison sentence of fifteen months and three years probation after pleading guilty in August, to federal charges that he took payoffs from a professonal gambler for inside tips on games. Donaghy pleaded guilty in August to federal charges that he took payoffs from a professional gambler for inside tips on games.

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Donaghy pleaded guilty in August to federal charges that he took payoffs from a professonal gambler for inside tips on games. Don't miss the big stories. Sports Betting Spotlight Videos. July 3, - pm July 3, - pm. With football season fast approaching, there are countless player props and futures odds on the NFL MVP and league passing, rushing and receiving leaders at Las Vegas sportsbooks. Dealers dealt with flying cards, fists in early days of WSOP.

July 2, - pm July 2, - pm. I have waited a long time for this.

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Two years to be exact. Not long for some things, perhaps, but too long between bets. I first came out to Reno two years ago to bring the sports book to their knees, but my football betting system had not yet jelled, and I did little better than break even. Measured against my expectations, this was as bad as losing. The memories of my first visit here are still vivid. And painful. The sharpest twinge of all comes when I recall the Ohio State-Oklahoma game, which I watched on television.

With less then a minute to play, the Buckeyes were leading, , and had possession of the ball. I was already savoring my winnings. Then Oklahoma got the ball and quickly scored a touchdown. Now they trailed, If they chose to kick the extra point, making it , I would lose my bet. But I knew the Sooners were not going for that extra point. They were not interested in losing by one point. They had to go for the 2-point conversion.

But they missed it and Ohio State still led, , the 2-point margin I needed to win my bet. I relaxed and again began counting my money. However, Oklahoma tried an onside kick and the ball bounced off the belly of a big Buckeyes lineman, right into the arms of a waiting Sooner.

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Oklahoma had the ball at midfield with 30 seconds left and trailing by 2 points. A couple of plays took it down to the Ohio State 40, and now only 4 seconds remained. Nothing for Oklahoma to do but go for the field goal. Twice Uhve Von Schaman lined up for the kick, and twice Woody Hayes called time out, to let him think about it. Finally, with all time outs exhausted and Von Schaman, by rights, a nervous wreck, the teams lined up again. The snap … the spot … the kick … perfect! The clock ran out and the final score read: Oklahoma 29, Ohio State Expletive deleted.

It also cost me part of my stomach lining. And neither the drama nor the artistry of the game helped any. A serious bettor stops being a fan as soon as his money goes down. A fan roots for his team, a bettor roots for his money. But that was Things are going to be different this year. My new and improved betting system has been forged in the fires of hundreds of college games since then, and honed to a fine edge by playing and replaying those games on paper.

The game would have been no play. And avoiding a losing bet is more important than making a winning one.

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That has to do with the way football is bet. The Reno airport, which is being enlarged, was in a mild state of chaos, and baggage retrieval was agonizingly slow. On top of that, it took forever for my rented car to appear. But at last I started on my rounds of the sports books. Before leaving New York I had prepared my betting sheet for the week. I was already familiar with the first three, but the MGM was new to me.

Eager to see this latest wonder of the betting world, I decided to make MGM my first stop. It was not hard to find. In fact, it was hard not to find.

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The MGM Grand Hotel looks like an enormous rectangular space rocket that has buried itself half-way into the ground. The low, flat casino section next to the hotel is longer than three football fields. Altogether, MGM is the largest casino hotel in the world, beating the biggest that Las Vegas has to offer. Reno is undergoing a boom, and the MGM is the most visible evidence of it. The MGM sports book is also huge.

Not only can you bet football here, you could probably play it. On the big board showing the point spread for each game, team names appear on translucent plastic panels, with fluorescent lights behind to illuminate them. The betting is computerized. A three-digit number appears in front of each team on the board and you bet by giving the ticket writer the number of your team instead of the name.

Diary of a Football Handicapper Diary of a Football Handicapper
Diary of a Football Handicapper Diary of a Football Handicapper
Diary of a Football Handicapper Diary of a Football Handicapper
Diary of a Football Handicapper Diary of a Football Handicapper
Diary of a Football Handicapper Diary of a Football Handicapper
Diary of a Football Handicapper Diary of a Football Handicapper

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