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Learn how your comment data is processed. Logan Crews October 16, 1 83 3 min. Photo by Oliver Chapin-Eiserloh Why is there so much pain and suffering in the world? One comment. John kuykendall October 17, at pm. Salutations to the Divinity within of every one involved because God is infinite so we can learn from everyone and every religion Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.

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Kirby Godsey. Try Me, I Am Jesus. Syed Ibn Syed. The irony in my life is that I went to Catholic school all the way through high school. We had religion class every year and yet I never remember really paying attention, really thinking about it, and certainly never really talking about it. Extra ironically, I found the only time I would get into these conversations with people was when all parties were extremely inebriated. Then and only then was it cool to talk about God. And yes, I recognize that word supposedly will likely upset some of you… stay with me.

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Those are super interesting topics to discuss as well, but they already box you in to what the word God means. That word comes with so many preconceived notions based on how you were raised, what ideology you align with if any , and what your experiences in life have been. I want to know what do you believe? If you believe in God, how do you define God? My guess is fear. Fear it will turn into an argument. Fear you will have to defend your beliefs. Which brings up an even more interesting — and usually controversial — topic… what do you question? Like maybe there is a different way to look at it?

Who says you have to just accept the teachings as they are? Perhaps you can analyze — and question — everything about them.

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Or if we are, only secretively. Most of us are given our beliefs very young. I was confirmed in the Catholic Church in 8th grade.

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Eighth grade!! I was more focused on having my first real kiss than choosing a set of beliefs concerning how and why the world was created. I guarantee you I was more concerned about the dress I was wearing at my Confirmation ceremony than the ideals I was being initiated into. I bet for many people on Team No Religion, that is part of what turned them away from the whole thing.

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Realizing they never really had a choice.

Conversation on Organized Religion Conversation on Organized Religion
Conversation on Organized Religion Conversation on Organized Religion
Conversation on Organized Religion Conversation on Organized Religion
Conversation on Organized Religion Conversation on Organized Religion
Conversation on Organized Religion Conversation on Organized Religion

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