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Saudi says got distress message

Trump's decision to withdraw troops is widely seen as leaving the US's Kurdish allies in jeopardy and is paving the way for a major Turkish assault.

Kurds call on US to block Turkish military drones from Syrian air space

The US has kept about 1, troops in Syria since the last Islamic State stronghold in the country, in the town of Baghuz, was defeated in March. Republicans and former US officials slammed Trump's decision , saying the move was "shortsighted and irresponsible" and put America's Kurdish allies in danger. Led by Kurdish militias, the SDF has roughly 60, troops and occupies a medium-size area in northeastern Syria.

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Turkish army howitzers positioned on the Turkish-Syrian border near Akcakale. On Tuesday, Turkish officials told Reuters that they struck the Syrian-Iraqi border to prevent Kurdish forces from using the area to reinforce their personnel in the northeast. Later on Tuesday, White House and Kurdish officials said they expected Turkey to launch a "major offensive" in northeastern Syria within 24 hours, Foreign Policy reported.

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Bassam Saker, a representative of the political wing of the SDF, known as the Syrian Democratic Council, told Foreign Policy that State Department officials had told Kurdish leaders a Turkish attack would be met with "harsh economic and political sanctions. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters on a flight to Serbia on Tuesday that an operation could occur "before the news could be printed," according to The New York Times. A senior White House official told Foreign Policy that "significant numbers" of Kurdish fighters had moved toward the border to fend off an attack, leaving few to watch over prisons that hold Islamic State prisoners.

The SDF maintains control of tens of thousands of suspected ISIS members and their families, including about 70, women and children in a compound in the Syrian city of al-Hol, according to The Atlantic. Read more: Here are the 5 major players that will feel the impact from Trump's decision to withdraw troops from Syria.

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Trump has said the US " may be " withdrawing its troops but had not abandoned the Kurds. On Tuesday, Trump threatened to "obliterate" the Turkish economy if Turkey acted in ways he did not condone. Der Artikel wurde versandt. Lindsey Graham threatens 'sanctions from hell' and warns Turkey against crossing a 'red line' as it readies for attack in Syria. Rosie Perper , Business Insider.

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Lindsey Graham, one of President Donald Trump's staunchest allies, issued a stern warning to Turkey over attacking Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria. A full UN report on the incident has not yet been completed. The details and factors behind this act will be investigated and will be announced after the results are reached.

Suggestions that the oil company that owned the tanker was blaming Saudi Arabia at this stage were denied. Iranian news agencies stressed that the Sabiti was stable, no crew had been injured and the leak was being brought under control. Iranian ships routinely turn off their transponders to prevent tracking, but the Sabiti turned on its tracking devices late on Friday morning in the Red Sea, according to data from MarineTraffic.

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The vessel last turned on its tracking devices in August, showing it near the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas. An attack of relatively low sophistication with limited and almost negligible strategic gain would be highly irregular and not serve any Saudi strategic narrative.

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Further still, it is highly unlikely that the Saudis would risk an ecological disaster in an area of strategic significance such as the Red Sea. The strait of Hormuz, which provides passage from the Gulf of Oman to the open sea, is the most important gateway for oil exports in the world.

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In , Phillip Inman. An attempt by the French president, Emmanuel Macron, at the UN general assembly in New York to engineer a meeting between the Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, and Trump failed as the two sides could not reach agreement on the sequencing of the compromises the two sides would have to take.

Since then, the Pakistani prime minister, Imran Khan, has stepped forward as a possible mediator between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Israel is also deeply hostile to Iran but has confined most of its attacks to Iranian military sites in Syria. The current round of attacks on oil shipping started on 12 May when four ships, including two Saudi oil tankers, were attacked in the Gulf just outside the strait of Hormuz, which is a major oil shipping route.

Attack State Red Attack State Red
Attack State Red Attack State Red
Attack State Red Attack State Red
Attack State Red Attack State Red
Attack State Red Attack State Red
Attack State Red Attack State Red
Attack State Red Attack State Red

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