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Cross-Eyed Mary. Cheap Day Return. Mother Goose.

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Up to Me. My God.

Aqualung (2001 Remaster)

Hymn Locomotive Breath. Lick Your Fingers Clean new mix. GCIDE 0. Wiktionary 0. Freebase 0. Suggested Resources 0. How to pronounce aqualung?

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Alex US English. Daniel British.

Karen Australian. Veena Indian. How to say aqualung in sign language?

Album Of The Week Club Review: Jethro Tull - Aqualung

Popularity rank by frequency of use aqualung Select another language:. At this point in your career, I imagine you have accomplished most, if not all, of your goals.

  • Jethro Tull: Aqualung () / Full Album on Vimeo?
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  • So what drives or motivates you to continue making music? Just in the next few days alone, I have three different kinds of concerts that I am playing and that in itself makes it engaging and interesting because you have to change your approach to making the music to some degree to accommodate playing with some musicians I have never played before in the Czech Republic to playing in a multi-act festival, which I am not very good at and don't really enjoy, but I have to make the best of that situation with no sound check and somewhat difficult and tense circumstances.

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    Then I have to endure a long flight across the Atlantic… to land in mile-high Denver to play a concert in Red Rocks Arena in an altitude which makes things physically demanding and demanding as a flute player because in the relatively thin and dry air of the mountains above Denver, it's actually quite hard to play the flute. Every day is a bit different. I am playing in the mountains of Colorado one day and then flying down to Phoenix, Arizona in the desert—these are all a change of environment, and if we manage to find a Red Lobster on the way, or a Denny's, than that will just set things off a tree.

    How many flutes do you currently own? Are they something you collect over the years or do you buy and sell them as needed? I'm not a collector of them. I probably have more than I need, but I enjoy playing them all from time to time and the two that I take with me on any one tour aren't necessarily always the same two. I have many more guitars than I have flutes.

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    One of my flutes I don't have at the moment because it's sitting in Houston awaiting shipment back to me because it's been aboard on the international space station for a few months and it recently arrived home after a few months, orbiting the earth every 90 minutes.

    Well, astronauts are not wacky people from outer space. Catherine Coleman of the U.

    Album Of The Week Club Review: Jethro Tull - Aqualung | Louder

    Air Force, an astronaut who has been up there for the last six months, is an amateur flute player and she took one of my flutes up there with her and we did a little duet from space. I was in Perm in Russia on the 50th anniversary of the first man-flight in space by Yuri Gagarin and Catherine was aboard the space station. Where do you like to go when you're in Los Angeles—are there any places you're looking forward to visiting?

    The Beverly [Center] probably is one that appeals laughs since it is usually a restful and reasonable respite; and my wife likes to have a walk around there and we sit and have a Starbucks. In days gone by, I occasionally went to The Comedy Store on Sunset, which was the frequent home of a comedian called Barry Diamond, who is a favorite of mine. I'm not a person who actually goes out very often. I try to get back to my hotel and go to sleep as soon as possible because I usually have to leave early the next day.

    When I am playing in Los Angeles at The Greek Theatre [on Saturday], it is simply to arrive on a flight, drive to The Greek; do a sound check; play a show; jump in the rental car and head off to the next [show] toward the San Diego area.

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    I'll just be there for the few hours it takes to do a sound check and play a show and get the hell out of town! What is your secret for being able to remain in the music industry for over 40 years and front a band that is still touring? I don't think there's any secret to it at all.

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