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Adams lived a peripatetic life afterward, first returning to his native Ohio, then moving to upstate New York, later returning to Texas, in the Houston area, and finally settling again in Ohio. Adams gave speeches against the death penalty and married the sister of a man on death row.

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He did not know if they were still married at his death. Schaffer said. Schaffer said that if Mr. But Mr. Adams was ineligible for the money.

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He had not been pardoned; his case had been dismissed. Again, Mr. Adams did not qualify. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser. See next articles. Newsletter Sign Up Continue reading the main story Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box.

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You are already subscribed to this email. News World U. Fowler's relationship with Grim is very similar to that of Captain Mainwaring to Warden Hodges , in that they are both on the same side yet enemies.

Constable Gladstone's habit of interrupting a briefing with a story about life in Trinidad is similar to Lance Corporal Jones 's penchant for reminiscing about Sudan during Captain Mainwaring 's speeches. Other references include in the episode Rag Week , when Fowler is briefly seen walking out of a shop called "Mainwaring's". He even takes a cameo role in the Christmas special episode, "Yuletide Spirit". The following is a summary of episodes for the British sit com The Thin Blue Line , which first aired on 13 November and ended on 23 December It has broadcast two series with seven episodes each, including a Christmas special at the end of series 1 on 26 December The sitcom was popular with viewers, though it suffered in critical reviews due to "inconsistent character development" and an "overly broad plotline".

It was ranked number 34 in a poll for Britain's Best Sitcom. Episodes in the first series were not in broadcast order on both Region 1 and 2 DVDs. The Region 1 release has English closed captions. The UK Region 2 does not have any subtitles. Increasingly, documentary truth claims were attacked under a postmodernist rubric, whose advocates asserted that truth was unstable, subjective, and finally unknowable.

Morris stayed behind the camera. Still, when The Thin Blue Line was first released, some critics tried to argue that it was consistent with a postmodern outlook. Such a position became less and less tenable, however and was forcefully rejected by Morris himself. That Randall Adams was innocent of murder is not a provisional or subjective truth.

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The Thin Blue Line raised fundamental questions about the death penalty. Capital punishment had been suspended by the Supreme Court during much of the s and was resumed shortly after Harris murdered Officer Wood in November the first of these renewed executions was in January The issue of capital punishment became increasingly urgent as the number of executions nationwide grew: from one in when Vernon, Florida was released to twenty-five in while The Thin Blue Line was being made.

After reaching a high point of ninety-eight executions in , these numbers have fallen, to thirty-nine in —partially due to the abolishment of the death penalty in various states in recent years: New York , New Jersey , New Mexico , Illinois , Connecticut , and Maryland The Thin Blue Line helped launch an era in which this opposition became newly politically viable in many parts of the United States. In its wake, the courtroom documentary arguably became the preeminent and most influential genre in the nonfiction mode.

DNA evidence has revealed that many more innocent people have been unjustly convicted of murder. Morris has argued that the problems with the death penalty go far beyond the possibility of executing an innocent. The death penalty is a mistake-engendering machine. Through The Thin Blue Line, Morris was able to argue strenuously and effectively for the pursuit of truth in documentary film.

This did much to open up documentary practice to a wider range of styles and techniques. Yet this new freedom and corresponding lack of guarantees also demand an exceptional rigor. What is perhaps most remarkable about The Thin Blue Line is this double achievement, this double renewal: first, a serious critique of the established aesthetic of documentary that freed filmmakers to choose from a far richer array of representational methods; second, reestablishing the viability and even centrality of truth value to documentary in a way that impacted the public sphere and society at large. Paradoxically, by embracing an array of techniques associated with fiction film, Morris did not undermine the distinction between fiction and documentary but rather distinguished more clearly the documentary mode from its fictional counterpart, while giving documentary a new vitality, rigor, and importance.

The Thin Blue Line represented something of an epistemological break for Morris from the absurdist ruminations of his previous two efforts. Irony and quirky experimentation have remained in abundance in his work, but his subsequent documentary endeavors have generally taken on important topics with a seriousness of purpose and mastery that emerged with The Thin Blue Line.


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Two lovers cross boundaries both personal and national in this ambitious, zigzagging love story, one of the most romantic films of this century. By Stephanie Zacharek. Underneath its brilliantly colored, highly stylized surfaces, this key work of s French cinema is a heartrending portrait of a woman struggling to both inhabit and reject traditionally feminine roles. By Emily Nussbaum.

A Thin Blue Line A Thin Blue Line
A Thin Blue Line A Thin Blue Line
A Thin Blue Line A Thin Blue Line
A Thin Blue Line A Thin Blue Line
A Thin Blue Line A Thin Blue Line
A Thin Blue Line A Thin Blue Line
A Thin Blue Line A Thin Blue Line
A Thin Blue Line A Thin Blue Line

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